Welcome to the home of the Trekka 4WD Club.

We are a family friendly club with members from all walks of life, and we pride ourselves on being welcoming and diverse. We align ourselves with the tread lightly principle and are friendly to the environment. We also try to be active in the community – you can see us at many 4WD store Open Days, helping out on the BBQ etc.

The majority of the trips organised by the club are based in the south of the state. These can range from family days, road trips, easy off-roading, to hard core adventures where the winch barely gets a rest.

Camping trips and multi-day events are run several times a year (usually organised to coincide with southern public holidays) where we head to the West Coast, North East and anywhere else that is a bit far for a day trip.

Trekka 4WD Club is a fully incorporated body which has its own public liability insurance through its affiliation with 4WD Tasmania. Some of our members are also involved in driver training courses which are organised through 4WD Tasmania – more details can be found by contacting the Club Committee.

If you are interested in joining the club or finding out more info, please head over to the Get in touch page.