About our club

The Trekka Club was started by an enthusiastic group of students who attendedĀ  a 4WD Training Course run by Adult Education back in 2001. Our very first adventure was tackling the infamous Jefferys Track that runs over the Wellington Range. With enough recover gear between us to rescue a small army and enough food rations for 2 weeks, we set off on our first club trip, only to discover we were at the pub that afternoon by 3 o’clock! Things have changed a bit since then but our passion for the adventure and love of the Australian bush certainly has not.

Over the years the number of members has grown considerably. Many of the member we have lost have moved to the mainland and often stay in touch and interstate trips are sometimes planned as well.

Being part of the state body 4WD Tasmania, gives us a voice at both the state and national level. We often volunteer for events arranged by 4WDTas including working bees and other conservation based activities as well. We understand that managing and maintaining the states parks and reserves is a difficult task, and we look to work alongside land managers to keep access to the bush we love to be in.

We have a lot of members who are interested in camping trips which makes for a great social atmosphere so even if your’re not into the hard core 4WDing, there are plenty of social and camping trips on offer as well.

Of course the best way of finding out what the club is all about it is come on one of our trips and see for yourself.